Social Media – Business & Personal Benefits!

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The appropriate use of Social Media across relevant and targeted social media platforms is one of the most powerful,effective and potentially profitable ways to market yourself and your business,service or personal brand today.

Whether from a personal or business perspective, or a combination of the two, there has never been a better way to reach huge numbers of people in your target market and share your message and expertise with an un-tapped number of potential customers who would have otherwise never even have heard of you and certainly who may have been hard to reach via non social-media approaches.

When you also consider that with practice, this can be achieved relatively easily and at minimal cost – then no wonder more and more people and businesses are accelerating their use of social media in terms of both personal branding & on-line marketing.   However,before enthusiastically setting off on your ‘Social Media’ journey,it is critical that you take time to realistically map out the expectations you have from setting up a social media campaign and also think about how you will ensure that you’re getting the most you can from such an approach, whether it be in terms of generating social media profits,increased market awareness or simply providing another channel of communication to engage with you for your prospective customers and fans.

In fact it has to be said that planning and patience are arguably the two key virtues when it comes to deciding on your approach to using social media and which social media platforms to use - as good planning can ensure that the maximum number of people are communicated with in the most effective and profitable way AND patience will ensure that you remain realistic and consistent in terms of overall approach.

In an ideal world wouldn’t it be fantastic if your social media presence could quickly and automatically grow on its own with no input from yourself, but the fact is that building up a trustworthy social media presence will always take time and dedication, however the end results will always be worth it!

You will also need to be disciplined enough to consistently update,interact,and research the latest business trends in your chosen niche or specialist area.In fact it is well worth considering the following key principles:

Gaining trust:

In the social media world this is much the same as it would be to’gain trust’ with people in your everyday off-line social and business interactions. Honesty,consistency and delivering value to your audience might take time and effort but WILL build trust and valuable engagement.

Good Planning:

When you are keen to get going this may seem as though it’s an unnecessary extra hurdle, but good planning and the ability to stick with your plan will pay dividends in the long-term.

Tracking and Monitoring Your Progress:

Ideally you will be monitoring your progress once you get started. This can be done in terms of monitoring numbers of ‘followers’ ,’likes’, ‘client engagement’ ,’clicks to links’, ‘sales patterns’ and so on and soon by regularly monitoring these metrics you’ll be able to determine what’s working for you and what needs to be changed.

On-going Interaction:

Interaction with  your customers and followers needs to be a continual and everyday activity. Although this will take a certain amount of time and requires consistency, should you not keep up this discipline you can soon find that all of the positive customer interactions   you have painstakingly built over time can disappear and wither away very quickly -leaving you with little to show for your previous hard work

The final principle – ‘Never Give Up’:

It may at first seem that none of your efforts are producing results with the speed and momentum that you would want, and  at times you may be wondering about the balance between the time you are investing in putting in to your social media campaign versus the outputs from it, just remember however that once you build momentum and a loyal and engaged group of satisfied customers and followers, there is a huge potential to drive social media profits, social media engagement and ultimately have a enormously engaged and loyal customer group and following