Choosing Which Way To Go!

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As we have already seen previously, there are literally billions of worldwide registered users on the different major social media sites.

Of course not all of these are of the right demographic for you, or the particular audience may not have compatible personal or business interests BUT undoubtedly this still leaves you with a massive audience of potential  followers & businesses to engage with across the principle social networks you could choose.




While it may seem a good idea in theory then for you to set up accounts on each social media platform for maximum exposure, not all social media sites are ideally suited to convey your message or your personal or business brand. Not only that, the way one platform may work & engage with users is often subtly but significantly different !!

And to add to the mix even further …. one different blend of social media platforms may create very different results then another !

So let’s consider for a moment some of the key attributes of a number of the current major social media platforms:



At the time of writing, with over a billion users world-wide, Facebook still remains the dominant social media platform in terms of sheer numbers. This doesn’t of course mean that it is necessarily the only, or even the best platform for your business however. For example its blend of social functionality & the ability within it to create specific ‘fan pages’ & ‘News Feed’ ads may or may not lend itself to the image that you want to portray. It is true however that Facebook can very effectively be used to create business pages, engage with customers, and build personal relationships; all of which can turn into paying customers.


LinkedIn is largely targeted at business professionals – although that is beginning to change now. Like other social media sites, users can upload videos and photos to promote their services and rapidly build networks across with groups and individuals. Linked-In is also a really good source of interesting articles that you can use as information sources to keep you informed and up to date with current business trends. As with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you can also add and leave comments for friends and followers. There is also a useful function that allows you to provide recommendations for other businesses and individuals and in return they can similarly endorse you. If your primary focus is on professional networking and recruiting then you should certainly consider Linked-In as part of your social media strategic mix.


Initially started as a means to send out very short and ‘punchy’ 140 character “text-like” messages, Twitter allows for rapid and concise communication. You can of course include links & images in your brief messages and with its current number of users at the time of writing being estimated to be at around the 500 million mark, with 200 million of these classified as being regularly ‘active’ or ‘very active’, then Twitter can be a tremendously powerful and impactful platform for rapidly getting your messages ‘out there’


YouTube is actually not only a social media platform, but with its current 1 billion users world-wide and up to an AMAZING four billion daily views or hits, hits, based on the fact that people like SEEING and interacting VISUALLY with their media, YouTube can truly also be seen as effectively a search engine tool too. If you feel that commercials, editorial or how-to videos, customer testimonials and brief snippets of your business presentations would help get your message across then YouTube is definitely one way of achieving this with REAL IMPACT !!

 Google Plus:

Growing rapidly and still relatively novel, it now has some 340 million users. Local businesses will find that the search and review function orientated around allowing the user to find local businesses is of particular value once you have built a well constructed and engaging Google+ profile. Research also indicates that many people when searching for information on local businesses or service providers will tend to go on line now for their search, rather than use printed directories as would have been the case 5 -10 years ago.


A platform that allows for very rapid visual communication and which appeals to a largely female demographic of users from 18 – 45 is of particular interest where you can communicate messages impactfully, memorably & simply through the use of image & simple

There are of course a number of other platforms in addition to those mentioned above that you may wish to look into – but whether you wish to drive financial metrics and or awareness and engagement now is a tremendous time to get started or refresh your current social media marketing !!