Facebook – ‘Goodbye’ To Hidden Profiles !

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To many people this latest Facebook change presents no great problem, but for those wishing to protect their privacy or anonymity, the decision of Facebook this October to no longer allow people or companies to filter out who can find them through the Facebook search tool is proving something of an irritation.

So far our previous articles have stressed the importance of social media in terms of building up an active following with the aim of converting this into paying customers.

And this of course still remains one of the primary reasons for using appropriate social media platforms.

So the majority of people reading this probably do not have the need for anonymity very high up on their list as if anything you will be looking to promote your visibility and not reduce it!

But what if you did want anonymity?

In short, the removal of this option now means that should you have a Facebook account, you can be found by anybody searching for your personal or business pages whether you wish to be or not.

Facebook have stated however that users can still filter what they actually share publicly or with friends and followers and argue that the changes will make the site seem ‘more congruent’

Many suspect however that the main reason behind this change is to ensure that the much touted ‘graph search’ feature of Facebook – that allows users to be found by location or interest works to maximum effect.

So – perhaps this is a change that doesn’t affect the majority of people reading these articles, but clearly more than ever it DOES reinforce the need to ensure that ALL postings whether on business or personal pages, do not divulge content that the person posting may later come to regret and whether your postings are serious or light-hearted you always remain aware of what they can potentially say about you or your business