To Automate … Or Not To Automate??

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So why consider automation ?

In previous articles, among other things, we have discussed the need for regular and consistent communication with your growing ‘tribe’ of loyal and active ‘ fans’ and’ followers’

At the same time you also need to make sure that you do this across a range of suitable suitable social media platforms.

But of course all of this takes can take considerable TIME  and discipline!!



So should you consider automating at least part of the process if not all of it ?

At this stage the MILLION DOLLAR question that you may well be asking yourself is, ‘ Come on Sean, can you automate and still be ‘authentic ?’

It is true that one of the biggest concerns people have, particularly when new to using social media on a larger scale, is that if they start automating some of the process they may start to loose real contact with their followers and run the risk of being seen as a  ‘spammer’ – with the  effect of actually driving people away !

Not so in my opinion - in fact more often the reverse is actually true !

Think of it this way – you could create a ‘ To-Do ‘list of social media activities that you would slavishly follow throughout the day and this would have exactly the same effect as using automated processes – what’s more because this would take you time and energy , actually automating at least some of your tasks will  free you up to be able to create new and fresh content – which after all is what keeps your followers and potential customers actively engaged and gives them something of value !!

…And we all know that if you give someone something of value they are far more likely to keep coming back !!

So what else:

The chances are that many of us will also want to engage people who may not be available at the time we send out our actual messages – shift-workers, night-workers, customers and also importantly followers in different time-zones and potentially in different countries – and again using automation tools appropriately will allow us to be far more effective in our communications with these massively important groups of people !

Common Automation Tools

I would suggest that you take time to look up some of these more common automation tools on Google – and see which ones offer the best mix of functionality and convenience based on which social media platforms you are using.

However to get you started, here is a list of suggestions – do bear in mind that this is by no means a full list of all of the management tools out there – but it should at least get you started !!


  • Tweet Adder
  • Tweepi
  • Tweetdeck
  • Social Oomph


  • Engagor
  • Multi-platform tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer 


  • Multi- platform tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer


  • Again consider Hootsuite here as it is an official partner with Google+

Multi -Platform:

  • Hootsuite – allows you to up to 100 social profiles across Twitter,Facebook,Linked-In & Google + amongst others
  • Buffer – allows you to manage Twitter,Facebook,Linked-In and accounts
  • – links relevant RSS feeds to your Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In accounts.

So – consider automating, keep it going and I am sure you will see a considerable up-lift in your social media success !


Until next time !