Top 4 Reasons To Use Twitter Search

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Presuming that you or your company now have an active Twitter Account, are you making best use of the powerful Twitter ‘search’ function?

And if not, could you be missing a trick?

What … you have ‘better things to do Sean’!

Well maybe so…



But look at it this way – In 2011 it was estimated that there were roughly 200 million Tweets being sent out each day, and now in 2013 estimates would place that closer to 400 million tweets and this continues to increase on a daily basis !

So we can safely say that there is a tremendous amount of valuable information out there which may be of huge benefit to you and your brand

But here comes the million dollar question  – how do you access and make sense of all of this  without spending all day glued to your laptop?

And how then can you use this information in terms of both getting closer to your customers AND helping you create valuable content?

So here are my top FOUR tips to help you on your way:


Content Creation

If you’re anything like me you almost certainly appreciate the value of having an active and engaged group of followers, but the struggle to create fresh and regular content may at times seem overwhelming!

So how can Twitter help with content creation?

Try checking out the various tools such as:

The  # hashtag ‘ Discover’ icon – which can point you in the direction of people to follow, popular accounts, current Twitter activity and ‘friends’

The inbuilt ability that Twitter has to make suggestions as to who to follow and popular and current trends is so powerful that it’s a bit like having a market researcher working with you on your business each and every day!

This capability should allow you to screen and filter for useful content and ‘thought leader’ opinion and should be invaluable in helping you create useful new content for your followers

So what specifically do I mean?

Well what I and many others do is look at what the ‘thought leaders’ are saying and discussing – and then use this to help me model and craft my articles and gain inspiration for posts



Building an active library of searches

I have built up a library of key people and happenings that I can very easily revisit on a regular basis just through using the Twitter search / magnifying glass icon

The beauty of this is that once I have searched for something once – that criteria stays in the search box, so that next time I click on it I will automatically get the latest updated information that relates to that particular person or thing that I had previously searched for – incredibly time-saving and effective!



Using Community #hashtags

I live in a small town called Northampton in the U.K

If I want to keep on top of local community events, maybe because I want to reflect this in a post or a series of Tweets, then it is a very simple matter to use the hashtag and the name of my town, “#Northampton” and enter this into the search field and immediately a list of relevant local items are pulled up – at the time of writing there are a number of local and newsworthy things happening in Northampton UK – so this means that my search is automatically expanded to allow me to filte for these events by straightforward news, or by images or video – a superb tool for easily keeping informed on local issues!


Search for Yourself

This may seem a little strange – but what I have found invaluable from time to time is that by using Twitter to search for what people are saying about me, I get valuable and undiluted feedback ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’!

In essence this function will allow me to look at how people are responding to me, my business, any Tweets or articles I have posted and any other general views they may have shared about me.

The beauty of this when it comes to yourself is that if there are a huge number of positive comments you can acknowledge these appropriately – and if there are areas where people are expressing reservations about you or your business then you can quickly act to ‘head these off at the pass’ and by doing so prevent a potential future crisis.


So  how would I summarise all of this?

Well, the next time you feel a little lost in terms of how to start a new blog or post, pause…or you need inspiration, or just plain old reassurance that what you are doing is on the right track them my advice would be to…


Take a deep breath

And hit ‘Twitter search’

I can guarantee that as with so many other people taking this approach, it won’t be long before inspiration hits you once again and very soon another powerful article or amazing Tweet is zooming from your keyboard!

So – get on that search engine and play!

Until next time